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Course Topics

List of Topics that you can learn.


Step by Step Interface Development

I will walk you thru the detailed Screencasts showing how to develop interface using SLD, ESR and Integration Directory. Learn to configure Standard & Custom Adapters.


Detailed Screencasts to show how to build NW BPM on NWDS, Deploy it and Test end to end. Most Intensive and advanced topics in SAP PO

Theory Lectures

Theory Lectures on the most important topics like ESR, SLD, ID, XML, SOAP, WSDL, NETWEAVER, SOA, ARCHITECTURE to understand the PO like a PRO.


This section walk thru using tools in SAP PO like SOAP UI, RSTK, Mec AS2, XMLSPY and also teach how to build your own tools.

Code Snippets

Java Mapping, Adapter Module, Graphical Mapping, UDFs, Proxy, Alerts and many other ready to use code snippets for general purpose.


This section will teach how to build technical specs, architecture documents, interface flow diagrams, testing, cut-over and many more documentation techniques.

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